Balkan Innovative Technology
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Balkan Innovative Technology d.o.o.
Prve pruge 43j
11080 Belgrade
Tel/fax: +381 11 312 96 55
+381 11 312 96 56

Ivo Dimitrov
/CEO and Member of the Board of Directors/

Slot club Eldorado
About us

"Balkan Innovative Technology" headquarted in Belgrade, Serbia , has been dealing with operating and sales of gaming machines in Serbia and Montenegro since 2004.

The company is managed by the Board of Directors:

  • Zlaty Zhelev, Chairman and Member of the BoD
  • Ivo Dimitrov, CEO and Member of the BoD
  • Atanas Atanassov, Member of the BoD

Although a young company, "BIT" has managed to conquer many locations across Serbia and reach up to 50 employees.

We run our business in accordance with the Law on Games of Chance and liaise with the Games of Chance Board and other relevant governmental institutions.

The company organizes games of chance at about twenty locations with up to 300 machines.

Our each club has a recognizable brand name "Eldorado", authentic interior and the most modern casino equipment, products of "Casino Technology". Pleasant ambience, great atmosphere and kind staff are common for each "Eldorado" club.

The most popular machines in Serbian market are Gemini, Slant top 7800, Slant top 7500, Upright 6400 and Casino King electronic roulettes, while the most widespread software is Mega Jack. . In addition, available at slot clubs "Eldorado" are Jackpot systems which allow networking of large number of machines and random payouts which make them extremely attractive for both, players and operators.

Atlantik, Olimpik, Millennium, Electrogames, Ju-Krijcos, Pingic, Meridian and Bingo Trade from Bosnia are just some of our partners.